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Domain Name Acquisition Specialists

Around 20,000 domain names expire every day.  Many of these domains expire accidentally because the registrar was unable to contact the owner.  Unfortunately, most of these domains are then registered in less than 1 second by domain speculators using domain name acquisition software and systems.  The domains are later found listed for sale with large price tags.

We contact previous owners of expiring domains and the owners of the surrounding extensions, such as .net.  By using better domain name acquisition software and systems than most speculators, we are able to capture the domains first.


How successful are we at capturing domains?  We will only contact you if we are already fairly sure that we will successfully capture a domain.  Our current success rate is 99%.


Why would a speculator be interested in my domain?  Whether you agree or disagree with the rights and wrongs of domain speculation it has become a multi-billion dollar marketplace.  Most of these domains are reregistered less than 1 second after they expire because of the generic value of the domain, the personal value, or the traffic value.

Act Now or Risk Losing Your Domain Forever

Most companies are too busy, understaffed, or simply do not have the knowledge required to capture their domain names as they expire.  Our staff uses proprietary software written by onstaff programmers to analyze the domain market and capture domains as they expire.  We know the domain market.